Battery setup

  • Dear all,
    I have 6 cell / 22.8v 4500 mah battery.
    Can i use then or strictly 4s batteries?

  • Dev Team

    What are you connecting your battery to? If it's ModalAI's APMv3, then the datasheet can be found here

    From the datasheet:
    LIPO range 2S-6S [2 cell (6.4V min, 7.4V nom, 8.4V max) 6 cell ( 19.2V min, 22.2V nom, 25.2V max)]
    Note: Absolute max voltage of design is limited to 28V due to the INA231 current sense IC’s.

  • sweet,

    i connecting to modalai voxl flight deck,
    i receiving it today, just wanted to be sure that i connecting the correct battery.

    already add support for java, rest (with java spring), python and js/node.js.
    changed also the web server to react with easy access.

    i will share with you my code 🙂 (basicly a docker on same network)

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