QGC battery alert everytime

  • Hi, I have a Voxl flight deck with me. I have a question regarding battery alert from Qgroundcontrol station's point of view. Every time, I'm testing something on my drone while flying, the QGC will immediately throw an alert of "Low battery level, return advised", "Critical battery level, landing asvised, Dangerous battery level, please land". I have attached a screenshot of same. Of course, the literal meaning of this means that my battery is not charged and is at a voltage level which is not enough, but I always ensure that my battery is fully charged before testing. For my current tests, I'm using a 3S Lipo battery with 2200 MAH capacity!QGC.png

    Can anyone help with this? thanks!

  • Dev Team

    Hi Gaurav, please refer to QGroundControl's documentation on the battery monitoring setup here

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