java support and examples

  • dear all,

    where I before purchase the voxl flight deck with camera for testing.
    I looking for a solution for a major project that I need.

    where I can find some examples written in java.
    the main goal is to use it on android based machine
    or with web application, using java spring and react.

    thanks in advance

  • Dev Team

    Hi Zeev,

    We have no Java based references at this time. We have a pretty easy to use interface (basically, you can read from files, named pipes to be more exact).

    Here's some ideas:

    Say you want to get IMU data? Ready from a file:

    /run/mpa/imu0 and /run/mpa/imu1

    Where the interface, for this data type, looks like:

    typedef struct imu_data_t{
    	uint32_t magic_number;  ///< Set to IMU_IMAGE_MAGIC_NUMBER for frame syncing
    	float accl_ms2[3];      ///< XYZ acceleration in m/s^2
    	float gyro_rad[3];      ///< XYZ gyro rotation in rad/s
    	float temp_c;           ///< temp in C, IMU_INVALID_TEMPERATURE_VALUE if no thermometer present
    	uint64_t timestamp_ns;  ///< timestamp in nanoseconds, uses system clock_monotonic
    } __attribute__((packed)) imu_data_t;

  • Hi modaltb,

    I have written MAVLink commands interface for java (working on ap and px4)
    is there a way in your system (with or without MAVLink commands) to tell the drone move 2m left , 2m up, and so on?

    if it have, I can put a purchase for one development kit for testing and development and then to a large number of it.

  • Dev Team

    There is MAVROS and MAVSDK which might help with what you are looking for

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