Running customized software in emulators

  • Hi,

    I know that customized software can be compiled in voxl-emulator or voxl-cross dockers. After compilation, it seems that the compiled code can only run on VOXL. I have tried to installed the compiled voxl-imu-server.ipk file in voxl-emulator docker. After that, executing the installed software generates errors like:

    Failed to get D-Bus connection: Operation not permitted

    However, there are other normal outputs. Therefore, my inferences are that voxl-emulator is able to execute the code but does not have the emulated hardware.

    My ultimate goal is to run customized software on emulated environment, instead of on physical VOXL m500 drones, so as to protect the physical drones from damages caused by our buggy codes.

    To sum up, my question is: is there an emulated VOXL m500 environment that I can test our planners?

  • Dev Team

    @Daniel-Lin ModalAI does not have any plans to produce hardware emulation at this point. However, I don't think buggy code will ruin an m500 (assuming you aren't flying, of course). We develop all of our hardware device drivers directly on target without any issue. For added safety, please remove the propellers before doing any such development.

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