ESC rail power issue

  • Hello again. In my previous post I spoke about not being able to calibrate ESC's in order to run all 4 motors on my quad. At that time, 3 motors ran and 1 motor did not. I finally concluded that I had either a motor or ESC problem, so ended up getting 4 new motors and 4 Castle ESC's. Now only 1 motor will run. That one motor has an ESC with a BEC to power the PWM rail as is the norm in most quad builds. Am I correct in assuming that the PWM +'s and grounds are all connected together so that one BEC should power all the ESC's? With that one ESC hooked up I do not see power on the other pins, which is confusing. Can you help?

  • Dev Team

    Our PWM breakout board does not have the positive rail connected.

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