ESC won't calibrate

  • Setting up a flight core on a 550 quad that was previously successfully flown with a pixhawk cube. Everything is working fairly well, except one of my four motors won't spin. I have used the Python tool several times in an effort to recalibrate that last ESC which I know worked previously, but now it won't. Can you offer any ideas on how to proceed? Thanks, Jim.

  • Dev Team

    Hi @Jimk_Aero ,

    Have you confirmed that you can spin the motor 'manually'?

    If you are comfortable using the MAVLink shell from QGroundControl, you could try to use the pwm command at the command line to try to spin the motor manually.

    If that doesn't work than I'd start to look at the wiring next.

  • Thanks for your suggestions. I ran the pwm test command in the MavLink console and confirmed all motors except the suspect one so looks like I'm going to replace an ESC. I do appreciate your guidance.

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