GPIO via Python Script

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    I am attempting to use the VOXL flight deck to control VOXL GPIO pin 85, which is outputting to an Arduino Nano which will read the signal and perform an action. I am successfully able to toggle the pin using the voxl-gpio binary. However, I would like to trigger this pin from a Python script that is running on my base station. The base station is sending MAVLink offboard commands to my drone. I thought that I would be able to use Python os commands to simulate a command line input, but the problem is that my base station does not have access to the voxl-gpio service. It is possible to control the GPIO pin from a Python script?

  • Dev Team

    Hi Paolo, we do not have the GPIO interface implemented in python. We do have the i2c interface implemented in python and you could use that as a basis for accessing the GPIO interface. Source code here:

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