Persistent Log Storage

  • I am looking to have journald logs persist.
    I understand that journald stores logs under /var/log/journal
    However, I can see that /var/log/ is under volatile storage.


    I understand that I should be logging to /data if I would like things to persist. Is there a configuration that ModalAI recommends to log service file output on VOXL?

  • I might end up having to specify specific log files to write to in my .service files per

  • Was going to use syslog, but saw that the service file points to null. Was wondering if this is done on purpose?


  • Thinking an easier way here is to just change the symbolic link here

    and then modify journald config file to make sure we do not fill up storage with logs

  • This seems to work, but not from bootup.
    Usually, the systemd-journal-flush.service watches for /var/log/journal to be mounted and then switches logging over to that folder, but that does not seem to be happening.

    Instead, I have to restart the systemd-journald.service to get it to log in the correct spot.

    Maybe because it is a symbolic link, and that is why the service does not see it mounted.... going to try and test that theory

  • Yeah, all systemd-journal-flush.service is doing is running journalctl --flush which is not doing anything when run manually

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