U33 Chip Version

  • Good afternoon,

    We've recently ordered a few VOXL Flight boards. We are trying to figure out which version the U33 chip is. We are expecting either TXS0102 for the old chip or SN74LVC2T45m for the new, however the values we are physically reading on the chips are different. Please let us know the U33 serial numbers for the following two VOXL Flight boards (1 being an older purchase, 2 a more recent one).

    VOXL Flight board 1
    Modal AI M0019-Rev B
    SN: M210000096P
    U33 Chip Reading: 11K2HI
    U33 Chip serial #: ??

    VOXL Flight board 2
    Modal AI M0019-Rev B
    SN: M21000000BY7
    U33 Chip Reading: OBC2HI
    U33 Chip serial #: ??

    Much thanks.

    • Ahmad

  • Dev Team

    Hi Ahmad,
    U33 on all Voxl and Voxl Flight boards are the same TXS0102YZPR.
    The "2H" is indicative of that, with other markings as per TI.
    Hope this helps.
    Let us know if you have any other questions.

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