Working with Yocto

  • Hello,

    I'm interested in building an image using Yocto, including but not limited to ModalAI utilities, ROS, OpenCV, etc...

    It seems as through meta-voxl provides only some basic drivers and functionality, what about the rest of the services?
    I assume it's possible adding a recipe that installs all the IPKs, but it looks like some things are pre-included in the image that the IPKs depend on.

    Any help or instructions on creating a yocto build config that would result in a stock image (which then I can expand with additional layers or recipes like OpenCV, etc...) would be greatly appreciated.

    Additionally, it seems meta-voxl is targeting Yocto Jethro which is EOL for a very long time now.
    What is the status on compatibility with newer LTS versions like Dunfell - 3.1 (LTS until Apr 2024)?

    Thank you.

  • Dev Team

    @omer-b The complete Yocto build comes from Qualcomm and contains many proprietary components that we cannot share. There are no plans to update from Jethro.

  • Well, that's unfortunate.

    Thank you.

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