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  • Hey,
    Pytorch supports by default CUDA(Nvidia Gpu) devices, but VOXL has a Qualcomm Adreno 530 wich is a AMD Gpu. In the Pytorch Docs there is also a Support for AMD Gpu´s with Rocm. Does anybody know if it's possible to use Rocm on Voxl or another way to enable GPU for Pytorch?
    PS. I know Modal AI has a tflite Server for tensorflow Models but we already have a Model trained on Pytorch and Inference with CPU is to slow.

  • Dev Team

    @Philemon-Benner This doesn't answer your question, but Adreno is a GPU designed by Qualcomm, not AMD.

  • Thank you for your fast response. Good to know that...

  • @Philemon-Benner In the tflite-server, we use the OpenCL backend to enable GPU support. However, according to a pytorch dev, "As Tensorflow already tentatively supports OpenCL, albeit through a proprietary compiler framework, it looks like Tensorflow is the way to go for anyone with an AMD card or, er, any CPU."

    That said, it may be a bit easier to convert your pytorch model over to a tflite model that can run with gpu acceleration. A good resource for this process is this repo, and if you are interested in some other tflite models this model zoo has many preconverted options.

    If you were to follow this conversion process, be sure to read up on this section in our documentation!

  • Thank you for your Answer yeah i will definitely look into using Tensorflow Lite

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