using boost c++ library on VOXL

  • I want to use the boost C++ library ( on one of the MPA services (voxl-tflite-server, I read a post where someone was trying to use apt-get functionality, where the answer was to look at the documentation on running Ubuntu on VOXL ( I have been developing on VOXL by doing the following dev flow:

    • Make changes on local PC running Ubuntu
    • Run voxl-docker -i voxl-cross on PC which runs the voxl-cross docker image
    • In docker image:
      • Run ./ stable which installs the dependencies of the MPA service via opkg
      • Build via ./
      • Make ipk package via ./
      • Exit docker image
    • Run which pushes ipk package to VOXL board via ADB and installs it via opkg

    Do I need to create my own custom docker image that has boost installed on it, or can I install boost on my voxl-cross docker image?

  • Dev Team

    I believe you should just be able to clone boost and perform a make install inside the docker. You can then save the state of that docker so you don't need to repeat that step later.

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