RB5 WiFi antennas

  • Hi, I'm interested in acquiring more WiFi antennas for the RB5, but the original WiFi antennas for the VOXL don't appear to fit, and there's none listed on ModalAI store. Also, are the included WiFi antennas for the RB5 tuned for both 2.4 and 5Ghz? I found 5Ghz in station mode to work very well on the VOXL with significantly faster throughput than connecting to a 2.4Ghz only wifi AP.

  • Dev Team

    @benjamin-linne The original VOXL's WiFi antennas "should" fit on RB5. Can you post a picture of the antennas and connector you're attempting to use? Is it possible you're trying to attach LTE antennas? They have a bigger connector than the WiFi antennas.

    You can purchase more at https://www.modalai.com/products/voxl-wi-fi-antenna-2-4-5-ghz

  • Thanks! I think there was some confusion about which connector to plug into, but that clarifies it. Also, any reason why the RB5 ships with a different antenna type than the VOXL?

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