setting up voxl-portal

  • I have VOXL Flight and I just finished the VOXL Quickstart documentation. It is in station mode and is connected to a working network. I have enabled voxl-camera-server, voxl-cpu-monitor, voxl-imu-server, voxl-qvio-server, voxl-tflite-server and voxl-vision-px4 using voxl-configure-mpa --wizard. I ran opkg update and opkg install voxl-portal which installed voxl-portal. I then ran adb shell voxl-portal which gave me the following output: 2022-01-09 20:36:54 2 mongoose.c:3317:mg_listen 1 accepting on (port 80). What is the next step to see the portal?

  • Dev Team


    Once you have voxl-portal started either via the command line or as a service, you can access the webserver on a device within the same network just by navigating to your voxl's IP address.

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