Hard vibration on new build with Voxl Flight

  • hi there ,
    i recently build 5" quad with voxl Flight
    setup is : 5" frame (generic racer frame) airbot Furling32 v1.2 esc's,
    tmotor 2550kv motors.

    all pix4 params are default didn't change nothing ,
    just when arming and lift the throttle up the drone vibrate very hard and the motors and esc's goes very hot.

    i tried to change pid settings but it seems that nothing have impact on this behaver .

    i took another quad i have same frame motors and esc's but with another FC and it flying smoothly without changing anything same version of px4 and same params .

    any help or guidelines will be much appreciate,
    thanx in advance

  • Dev Team

    Hi Ben, Flight Core ships with a very slightly modified PX4 v1.11 (details)

    Assuming the motors/props are mounted securely in the proper rotation, you may need ESC calibration?

    The Flight Core does not deviate significantly from a normal Pixhawk, so it's tough to imagine anything too exotic occurring. Can you try to put the other flight controller on there to eliminate any differences?

  • I'm working with DSHOT protocol and i don't have option to perform esc calibration through Qground control because i cant power up the voxl flight with usb power as you mention on your link.
    i also read that using DSHOT doesn't require ESC calibration ,did i got it correctly?

  • Dev Team

    That's true regarding dshot.

    Have you spun each motor individually to make sure they are wired correctly? This still sounds like an assembly issue

    Can you share a video?

  • @Chad-Sweet
    so we find the problem 🙂
    it was the rubber dumpers that we put to hold the voxlflight , it seems that they were too soft and added vibration to the board .
    we took them out and the problem solved.

    do you have recommendation about required suspension/vibration absorber for the board? or there is no need ?

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