voxl-gpio not working as expected

  • I have tried all the listed GPIO pins exposed on connectors J7, J10, J11 and J12.
    Why can't I write to a GPIO pin?


  • Dev Team

    Hello Matthew,

    When you execute voxl-gpio write, it configures the desired pin to OUTPUT mode and sets the desired state (0=low or 1=high). When you execute voxl-gpio read, the pin is configured as INPUT with a pull-up, so any previous pin state is no longer applicable. If nothing is connected to the pin while it is configured as INPUT, it will read 1 due to the pull-up.

    If you would like to test the pin read and write functionality, you could set up a loop back connection, where you connect two pins together and you write one pin and read another.

    I hope this helps


  • Great, thanks for the info. I suspected something along those lines.

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