Multi Stage Docker Builds

  • Hi,

    I am trying to do a multi stage docker build as my current docker image is too large but it seems that it is not possible with my current dockerfile.
    I start with

    FROM arm64v8/ubuntu:latest as BUILDER

    and it is unable to pull the image from docker.

    I also tried just
    FROM arm64v8/ubuntu:latest
    then when i need to copy the compiled file over in the next part using -
    COPY --from=0
    (0 being the first build)
    and i am returned with an error stating the --from parameter doesnt exist in voxl-docker.

    Does voxl-docker support multi stage deployment and if so how would i go about it ? or any useful tips ?

    Best regards

  • Some folks have used the SD Card, though it's really slow. The recommended approach would be to build it off target, compress it, then copy it over to target

  • Dev Team

    I didn't know Docker had this feature, so thanks for that tip!

    Docker built on VOXL is running at version 1.9.0 and from some articles I read it looks like multistage build started in 17.06 (

    So I don't believe this is supported.

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