Fried Unit

  • Hello, I was using the vox flight core and the unit start to draw 1amps and started to smells bad. I think the unit is fried. I read I can not return it until I have a diagnostic tool. But the unit si fried there is not much to diagnose. Do I really need to buy a diagnostic tool in order to return the item??
    Thank you,

  • Dev Team

    We test all of our PCBs thoroughly before they are shipped. We do ship the PCBs bare though, which means they are susceptible to ESD and other damage. We really can't warranty against how different people may handle the PCBs.

    We publish handling instructions that are also shipped with the PCBs, found here

    An issue many run into with Flight Core is that they plug USB into the Spektrum port and fry the board.

    The RMA diagnostic process is for ModalAI technicians to spend time looking into the root cause of the failure, and then provide analysis on what to do next.

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