MavRos with drone won't do takeoff

  • Hello again,

    I'm trying to follow the instructions here: Everything worked fine until i got to, which is supposed to have the drone takeoff and make a figure 8 in offboard mode. When I try running this script, it reads "mission sent" and "requesting home position" indefinitely. I have the drone in VIO mode with all the px4 parameters uploaded (the one in the params file that is recommended) and the tracking camera enabled. I also have voxl-qvio-server enabled and running.

    I also attempted running this outside with a gps (with appropriate px4 parameters changed with the params file provided) and I was able to get "mission sent" but no arm, and no "requesting home position."

    How can I get the drone to execute its mission?

    VIO screenshot (GPS disabled):
    Screenshot from 2021-10-04 19-12-35.png

  • I am having the same problem. @Daniel-Ryu Did you solve this issue? If yes, please let me know.

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