Can I get the RB5 DRONE main module only ? what is the difference between QUALCOMM FLIGHT RB5 5G PLATFORM and QUALCOMM ROBOTICS RB5 PLATFORM ??

  • Hello everyone,

    I was going through the RB5 DRONE. I actually wanted the main module without the motor, esc , gps, etc. I also already have a pixhawk cube orange alrady so I would like to get only the main module instead of the whole rb5 drone as I already have the motors, esc, flight controller, etc. Is it possible ???
    Also another question what is the difference between QUALCOMM FLIGHT RB5 5G PLATFORM and QUALCOMM ROBOTICS RB5 PLATFORM ???

  • Dev Team

    We will make the core unit available in the future. We are focused on supporting a single configuration really well, and then expanding the capability of the platform.

    The main difference between the standard RB5, is the carrier board for the RB5 SOM is much smaller, and designed to have everything needed for flight control and appropriate I/O expansion. Many drone specific peripherals such as GPS and VIO imagers are supported directly making it much more purpose-built than the standard RB5.

  • So currently Your team cannot send me a core unit of RB5 drone ? If possible please try. I have been waiting from long time ? I already have pixhawk cube orange and a drone built. I just wanted to make it more advanced and add RB5 5g drone core to it. So please if possible inform me regarding the core unit. I am interested in RB5 5G drone core unit.

  • Is it possible to get the core unit currently as I have been waiting from so much time ?

  • We looking for the same too. Only RB5 Core with 5G connectivity is needed. Flight controller will be off the shelf running Betaflight or INAV.

    Appreciate if we could get some info and timeline on the core availability?

  • Dev Team

    @Jey-Lites Please be aware that we are currently shipping our VOXL 2 drone (Sentinel) and that you can purchase the VOXL 2 board without the drone as well. The VOXL 2 features the same Qualcomm QRB5165 device that is on Qualcomm Flight RB5 but in a much smaller form factor. Please refer to the comparison of our development platforms here:

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