Issue with running cam calibration

  • I am having a few issues running the camera calibration on the VOXL
    I am following the steps in

    When I try to run any of the voxl_cam_ros features I get the following error

    yocto:/$ roslaunch voxl_cam_ros tracking_slave.launch
    [tracking_slave.launch] is neither a launch file in package [voxl_cam_ros] nor is [voxl_cam_ros] a launch file name
    The traceback for the exception was written to the log file

    Here is my current installed packages

    yocto:/$ opkg list-installed | grep "voxl"
    libvoxl_cutils - 0.0.2
    libvoxl_io - 0.5.4
    voxl-camera-server - 0.7.1
    voxl-cpu-monitor - 0.1.7
    voxl-dfs-server - 0.2.0
    voxl-docker-support - 1.1.3
    voxl-gphoto2 - 0.0.5
    voxl-imu-server - 0.8.1
    voxl-mavlink - 0.0.2
    voxl-modem - 0.12.0
    voxl-mpa-tools - 0.2.6
    voxl-nodes - 0.1.7
    voxl-qvio-server - 0.3.1
    voxl-streamer - 0.2.3
    voxl-suite - 0.4.6
    voxl-tag-detector - 0.0.2
    voxl-tflite - 0.0.1
    voxl-tflite-server - 0.1.1
    voxl-utils - 0.7.1
    voxl-vision-px4 - 0.9.2
    voxl-vpn - 0.0.3

    I assume I am missing something but I have read through the documentation a few times to try and work out what I have done wrong

  • Dev Team

    Hi Thomas,

    This is an error in our documentation as we're halfway between calibration projects, sorry about that. We're currently close to having a non-ros based onboard camera calibrator published, but in the meantime you should run

    roslaunch voxl_mpa_to_ros voxl_mpa_to_ros.launch

    Instead of the voxl cam rosnode. This will pull frames from voxl-camera-server (so make sure that's also running) and publish them over ros in the same way that voxl-cam ros would, so the rest of the calibration docs are current.

  • Hi thanks for your help with that.

    Just a note: I love this thing, it is going to save me months of development time. What you all have done here is amazing.

    But, please could you at least put some We are messing with this code at the moment or some Deprecated warnings in your documentation.

    This is the third rabbit-hole I have gone down just to find out that the code does not exist or has been refactored.

    Part of the issue is I am trying not to be too much of a pain asking questions and i assume that often it is an issue on my side so by the time I have posted I am already a day into hitting my head against a wall.

  • Dev Team

    Hey @Thomas-MacNamara ,

    I totally hear you... We are reeeeal close to a big docs update...... Should be dropping on the server within days and hopefully we can clear things up. Appreciate the patience and please keep providing feedback as you have issues!


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