Connect VOXL to Jetson NANO

  • I am not sure if Jetson NANO or any other Jetson devices can be connected to VOXL. Could anyone please list the steps to connect VOXl to jetson?

  • Dev Team

    Hi Raj,
    Can you please be more specific with your question?
    Are you just referring to hardware connections or are you asking for software device detection?
    I'm not familiar with the Jetson systems, but from what I can tell, purely from a hardware viewpoint, there are a bunch of UARTs and I2C ports exposed on a Nano 40-pin header that can be connected to Voxl directly since Voxl is also at 3.3V logic levels for our external interfaces.
    Now, how you expect to use the combined system is a more complicated SW systems question, so this is why I asked if you can elaborate more.
    How do you want the Voxl to interact with the Jetson? This will tell us if the bandwidth of the common interfaces (I2C, UART, SPI) are even suitable for your application(s). If a USB interface is more suited to your application for higher throughput, then it can get a bit harder. The Nano appears to have a variety of USB ports, as do our systems, but you'd need to understand who is the USB Host and USB Client/Device and connect them accordingly.

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