is it possible to use VOXL m500 fly indoor and use Motion Capture(Optitrack) as pose feedback?

  • Hello,

    I am glad that I can find such an excellent drone(VOXL m500) here. I am planning to get one and verify my algorithm by using it. But before that, could I ask a few questions?

    Q1: Could this VOXL m500 be used indoor and use Motion capture to provide pose feedback? Is there anyone who implement it ? or is it possible to implement it? or does the official website provide some library function to implement it?

    Q2: I have noticed that this drone have implemented GPS-denied navigation? Is it based on visual inertial odometry?

    Thanks in advance

  • Q1: Yes, with some coding you could replace VIO data with motion capture data. The VIO data is sent to PX4 here

    Q2: Yes, VIO is used

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