voxl fan mounting

  • I want to mount the Voxl cooling fan onto the Voxl board but I don't see any mounting holes. Based on your thermal testing where do you recommend the optimal placing of the fan in relation to the voxl and the optimal distance away from the board so I can make a custom part?

  • Dev Team

    You don't want to mount the fan with the board as the vibration will interfere with the IMU

    Otherwise, airflow is what is important. We typically mount a few mm away, but precision isn't that important.

    If the board is exposed while flying, the fan isn't really necessary. The fan is very useful for stationary or benchtop development

  • @Chad-Sweet thanks for the info, my voxl is in an enclosure of a uuv so I won't get the same heat dissipation as expected from flying.

    Would it be better to mount above the Voxl in position A or B in the below picture?

  • Dev Team

    Definitely B, that is the Snapdragon you are trying to cool

  • @Chad-Sweet Awesome, appreciate your help! I couldn't tell which one was the snapdragon

  • @Chad-Sweet one last question, would it make sense to install a heat sink on the snapdragon in addition to the fan for a uuv application, or do you think that is overkill? I am doing heavy image processing so I want to make sure that the snapdragon doesn't throttle.

  • Dev Team

    It all depends on your setup. With our flight deck setup we can run all 4 cores at 100% with just the fan. A fan is much more effective than a heat sink. Still might require a little experimentation though

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