Getting video streams from USB camera connected to Microhard Add-on module

  • I am trying to get the video streams from a USB camera which is connected to the J4 connector on the Microhard Add-on module (

    As this camera is connected to an add-on modem, how to configure it & get video streams from it?

    I am able to get the streams from internal cameras (RTSP video using MIPI cameras but struggling to get the streams from the USB camera.


    module.jpeg camera.JPEG

  • Dev Team

    There are a few steps you can take to bring up a new USB camera. First of all, the camera must be UVC compliant. The best thing to do is to test it out on a Linux PC first and verify that it works there. Some tips: 1. Use the 'lsusb' command before and after you plug the camera in to see if it is showing up. 2. If you see the device with 'lsusb', look in /dev to see if it shows up as a /dev/videox device. So, do 'ls /dev/video*' before plugging in the camera and after plugging in the camera to see if it appears. 3. If everything looks good you should be able to stream from it using voxl-streamer.

  • Hi Eric,
    Thank you for the help.

    I confirmed that the camera is UVC compliant.
    Also, the camera is detected on my personal laptop.

    But unfortunately can not see it in VOXL the list (lsusb) not showing the camera.



    Do I need to install any specific drivers for it?

  • Dev Team

    No, you shouldn't need anything special to see it with 'lsusb'. If you run 'dmesg -wH' and then plug in the camera do you see any messages printed? Another thing you can try is to free up the adb port by using ssh over wifi instead of adb. Then plug the camera into the adb port and see if you see it with 'lsusb'. It's possible you are seeing a power issue and the adb USB port can deal with more power.

  • Hi Eric,

    lsusb not working.

    I have tried with the dmesg -wH & got the following message printed

    usb detection.JPG

    Let me know any suggestions and how to proceed & thank you for helping..! 🙂

    (Also, I am trying with ADB port (Need to find a connector to connect the camera with it))

  • Dev Team

    What cable / connector were you using to connect to your laptop? What does your laptop show for lsusb for the device? On your laptop, please use ```
    lsusb -v -d vendor:product

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