Question about different pixhawk with VOXL unit and stereo camera extension cable???

  • Hi, we wanted to know few things about the VOXL unit. I will list the questions below:

    • Is it possible to use different Pixhawk (e,g. Cube 2.1 or mRO Control zero) with VOXL autonomy computer? If yes, then what is the connection process and details.
    • FYI, We have a M500 complete VOXL unit with Flight core. Is it possible to separate them and use different Pixhawk instead?
    • Is it possible to increase the Stereo camera cable in each direction by 12-24 inch? I saw that there is 5.7 inch extension cable available in the Modal AI store but it will not be enough for our requirement. Any suggestion is much appreciated on how to increase the length for the stereo camera.

  • Dev Team

    For 1 and 2, see the documentation

    To answer number 3, We expect to have a wider baseline stereo FPC in the next 3 months. As MIPI-CSI is a high-speed serial interface, there are hard limits on its capabilities. We do not expect to achieve much more than 20cm baseline with stereo MIPI.

  • @Chad-Sweet Thanks for you reply, But my important question is No.2 Which is, can I separate the VOXL autonomy board from the flight core, let say by cutting the board from the complete board as shown below:
    or is it possible to turn the flight core unit OFF for adding another Pixhawk

    b80d041c-219c-427d-9e19-8eecb20332d9-image.png .

    Let me know your answer.

  • Dev Team

    Definitely not. You will destroy the board. You can purchase a VOXL without the flight core though.

    What is missing from Flight Core? It is an open source px4 platform on the px4 mainline. If something is missing you should be able to update it

    We also have VOXL-Deck which is a mounted VOXL without flight core

  • @Chad-Sweet Thanks for your reply. This is the exact answer I was looking for. The flight core is perfect but here at our company we need to use different Pixhawk board for some specific application.

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