Running PX4 on VOXL without Flight Core

  • Is there a way to run PX4 flight controller on the VOXL without using the flight core, using the VOXL standalone as the flight controller? That is, could PX4 be run on the VOXL without going through the nuttx system on the flight core (similar to what I think could be done on the Snapdragon Flight)?

  • Dev Team

    The short answer is yes, the long answer is that it is probably a decent amount of work.

    PX4 1.9 builds and runs for this platform, but may not fly. With that build, you need UART based ESCs like we have here:

    Mid-PX4 1.10 development c++14 was introduced. The SLPI compiler does not support c++14. IMO it would be fairly straight-forward to either comment out that code (it's for simulation), or just use boost to fix the issue. We just haven't done that or put much effort into it.

    You can take a look here:

    Build the firmware with "make atlflight_excelsior_default" to build the posix side and "make atlflight_execelsior_qurt-default"

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