Failsafe not working properly

  • We were fliying the quad indoors with flight core connected to voxl2. Somehow the RC receiver physically got disconnected (the wire got disconnected). After that ideally it should land. But it generated some random setpoints and started drifting and hit a wall. The failsafe clearly did not work as it should. I am sharing the flight log review of the same. (No virtual joystick was enabled in QGC during the flight)
    Why had happened here and how to avoid it ?

  • Dev Team

    Please follow the safety guidelines before running any mission:

    The failsafe is configured in PX4 via QGC. We do not set that explicitly as that before is up to you how to configure.

    Please review the PX4 failsafe documentation and understand how it behaves, and then test in safe conditions, before flying again

    These are drones for developers, and are highly configurable. Please take precaution and test each function before making any assumptions about behavior.

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