New MAC address with fresh OS install

  • We put a license for the camera we are using on the Voxl2 board. The license is bound to the MAC address of the board (found using ifconfig on eth0). We ran into some other issues (not related to the camera) and opted to reinstall Linux. However, upon doing so we noticed that the MAC address has changed and as such the camera is not usable. Is there a way to set the MAC address back it's prior value so we don't need to purchase a new license?

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    @bforsgren29 A quick google search brought me to this:

    From that article:

    Before you can change the MAC address of your device using ip, you'll have to shut down the network interface.

    sudo ip link set dev eth0 down
    Then change the original MAC to a custom address as follows:

    sudo ip link set dev eth0 address 44:ee:bc:6c:76:ba
    Restart the network interface using ip:

    sudo ip link set dev eth0 up
    Check if the aforementioned command worked by typing ip addr into the terminal

    Could work for what you're doing. It's not something we've tried

  • I apologize for the delay in responding. It seems like your suggestion seems to do what we want.

    Unfortunately it seems that I am unable to shut down the network interface on eth0. I get an error when I try to set the MAC address that the resource is busy. Are there any subroutines or other services that would keep the interface from being shut down?

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