Relocalization on a loaded map

  • Hi everyone,

    I am doing some pre-flight checks with a Sentinel drone to check how the localization works in the voxl-mapper. I noticed that the drone is not able to relocalize itself within a loaded map that I did earlier. What I did is the following:

    • I switched on the drone in a specific position and I moved it around to build a 3D map using the stereo input;

    • When I was satisfied with the map I saved it and I switched off the drone;

    • I moved the drone to another point and I switched it on;

    • I loaded the 3D map that I made in the previous powercycle and I moved around the drone to see whether it was able to relocalize itself in the map or not.

    Despite the map was updating while I was moving around, the drone was not relocalizing itself and it ended up creating a "false" map of the environment.
    Hence my question: can the drone relocalize itself within a map without booting up at the exact same position in which the drone was switched on at the time of the creation of the map?

  • Dev Team

    Not at this time, no

  • Ok, thank you very much for your response.
    Is this feature under development?

  • Dev Team

    It is not at this point. You could get pretty far by incorporating April Tag Relocalization, docs here

  • Ok, thanks! So is there no available vSLAM implementation at the moment?

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