VOXL 2 2nd USB2.0 available?

  • Hi Modal AI team,

    We will implement FLIR Boson 640 and MH pMDDL2450 by MH add-on USB Hub in VOXL2 platform, there are both USB2.0 interface (FLIR Boson 640 Video stream is USB3.0 and command is USB2.0). except J3 pin 12/14 USB2.0, does VOXL 2 have 2nd USB2.0 available? or I can use one of USB2.0 downstream ports of USB controller in MH add-on USB Hub?

  • Dev Team

    Yes you can use the Microhard ports for downstream devices, but that design follows USB2 spec and has a 500mA limit on VBUS, which the Boson regularly exceeds. So we've had other customers supply their own external 5V to the Boson with success.
    Our newer Voxl2 plug in and debug boards have increased that to 1A and it works with Boson without mods (however we know that doesn't solve MH + Boson cleanly).
    Another option is to use one of our newer plug in boards, like the 5G modem board M0090 (without modem) and use the standalone MH and your Boson. Then the M0090 is basically a high power USB hub.
    Hope that helps.

  • Dev Team

    @Byron_Ch just to add, Boson works with just USB2.

  • Hi Vinny,
    Got it, very thank.

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