My VOXL has benn brick.

  • Hi guys,
    My VOXL has been brick.

    But I don't have debug module.

    Is there any method to unbrick without debug module?

    especially, I have PDDL module and checked it has emergency switch to enter factory mode.

    Can I recover my VOXL in emergency mode?


  • Dev Team

    Hi @shlee853 ,

    Unfortunately that switch on the Microhard modem is a lower level factory emergency boot switch only. It can be used in conjunction with a factory level "QFIL" application that we can't distribute. When enabled, the device boots up into a special mode, but fastboot can't see it in this mode.


    What will likely be needed is the Debug module with the "fastboot" switch.

    Question: have you attempted to boot up with/without the Modem attached? Trying to eliminate possible issues.


  • Dev Team

    Also, if cameras get plugged in backwards (I've done this myself too many times....) then the VOXL might not boot up.

  • @modaltb thanks for your reply.
    I have a VOXL flight deck and I didn’t change camera installation on it.

    When I stopped updating system software then my VOXL has been brick.

    Ok I’ll prepare debug board to treat fast boot.

    Thanks buddy

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