Bluetooth/BLE communication on the VOXL - is it possible?

  • Hi.
    Having that the VOXL has the QCNFA324 Wifi module, which AFAIK also supports Bluetooth, I was wondering if there is any support for this ?
    What would be needed in order to enable usage of the Bluetooth on the VOXL ?


  • Dev Team

    Hi @amitga ,

    This isn't something that we've done internally so we don't have any thing to reference. As you've mentioned there's hardware in there, but we don't have any background at this point enabling BT on the VOXL platform.

  • Dev Team

    Yes, we intended that any user would always need to have the higher bandwidth and longer range of wifi and with that, BT was never needed.
    Is there a specific use case we might be overlooking that can't be done using WiFi or WWAN (LTE) devices?

  • Thanks for the replies.

    The use case is low-bandwidth, short range communication to the VOXL using low-energy devices, which only have BLE.

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