Question about RMA-form

  • Hello, I would like to get my drone return for repair and I have a question about the rma-form. Since I am not the original buyer, so I'm a little bit confuse about the Original Order Number for Product on the rma-form. Is it Order#2838 on the original box which I received my drone?


    Also, besides adding RMA (Drone) Diagnostic and RMA (Drone) Return after Repair/Diagnostic to the cart, Is there anything I should know before I ship my drone? Just want to make sure that everything is fine. Thanks! 😊

  • Dev Team

    @張為超 You are correct about the Original Order Number. In your case it would be 2838.

    First step for the RMA process is to fill out the RMA form and send it to
    Second is to purchase the RMA diagnostic (In this case you would choose drone diagnostic).
    Third would be to ship the drone back to ModalAI Headquarters.
    When we receive it we will look it over and email you a report of our findings and how to proceed.
    Step five usually is only after the team has looked over the RMA and we have discussed how to proceed.

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