VOXL-CAM LTE connection

  • May I ask that a VOXL-CAM is delivered to me with LTE antenna installed in it?
    I bought a LTE antenna(W3907B0100, Pulse electronics) for just in case. It is being delivered to me. Could you recommend me how to install a LTE antenna to a VOXL-CAM for LTE connection?

  • Dev Team

    It needs to have an LTE modem installed when you place the order. The antenna is just a wire that helps the radio with reception. You need the modem to actually have LTE

  • @Chad-Sweet
    A LTE modem(MDK-M0030-1-02) is installed in the VoXL-Cam that I have for LTE connection in Korea.

  • Dev Team

    @yhcho61 If you're asking where to plug in the antennas to the Voxl-Cam, then most times the Voxl-Cam has extensions from which to attach the LTE antennas to. If it didn't, you would just need to take the backpack off and thread the antenna through the slot of the backpack and plug them in to the modem. Reattach the backpack and then initialize the modem to use it.

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