Microhard RSSI/SNR logs

  • Hello,
    Is there a way to log RSSI and SNR data for the microhard modem board that is specifically contained on the voxl? Using a third party application I am able to log the information on the ground station modem, but having logs for the drones microhard as well would be extremely useful.

  • Dev Team

    @Eli-Pollack Have you accessed the Microhard modems' web servers at all?

    If not, in order to access them:

    • Make sure your ground station is connected to your Microhard network
    • Open a browser
    • Navigate to the IP address of one of the modems (default master modem IP =, default slave =

    If the connection is valid you'll see the modem's web server. There is a lot in there that you can play with (settings, logs, etc.) so you may be able to find what you're looking for there.

  • Hi Tom,

    We have accessed those servers, but we are looking to get the data in real time. Unfortunately the web servers only update these values every 20-40 seconds or so. Is there a way to get this data in real time through voxl?


  • Dev Team

    @Eli-Pollack It's not something we've tried ourselves. I would recommend reaching out to Microhard. If they have suggestions, I may be able to help with figuring out implementation.

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