Subscribe data from added sensor?

  • Hi, I am planning on putting four acoustic sensors from Maxbotix on m500. Should I create a customized ROS node for accessing the readings from these added sensors? I plan on communicating the data feedback from the acoustic sensors wirelessly and do calculations on my ground PC. Does it have anything to do with PX4? What are the default nodes that come with VOXL FLIGHT? Sorry I am new to this field.

  • Dev Team

    You do not necessarily need to develop a custom ROS node, but as you describe using ROS may be convenient for sending the data back to a PC.

    We do not have a ROS node for an acoustic sensor, so it is likely you will need to use libvoxl_io to parse the data and publish via ROS

  • Thank you. Also for the purchase delivery, how fast can a m500 order arrive to Illinois? 10days? Is express delivery available?

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