How to connect Chirp CH201 Ultrasonic Tof sensors?

  • Hello,
    I am using VOXL 2 with system image 1.2.1. Here are few of my queries regarding sensor integration.

  • EDIT:

    • Where to find buy link for M0086 Ultrasonic rangefinder mezzanine? Can board mentioned over here from Thundercomm be used to connect to VOXL2?

    • Where to find code for rb5_chirp_server mentioned over here?

  • Dev Team

    @Aks Hi,
    The Chirp solution connects though our 5G modem add-on board (M0067 in that diagram is now M0090).

    So, from a HW viewpoint, as long as you use that board, there is no difference. Both connections on J9 are to I2C_10.

    We did not design Voxl2 with regards to the TDK mezzanine, so I cannot say how we could connect to it. To my understanding, the TDK design is intended for the RB5 Robotics Development Kit, which is loosely related to our RB5 Flight Platform, but they are very different systems.

    We do not sell the Chirp adapters independently from the RB5 Drone kit, and I'm not sure we are planning on that as of yet. It is actually a very intricate solution with a bunch of sub-assemblies. M0086 is our way of talking to two Chirp EVKs sold here:
    Built into our RB5 Flight Deck are also flex cables to the Chirps, and special mating plastic apertures for the Chirps to mount in, so it is not easy to offer this solution as a standalone.

    I've tagged some SW folks internally to respond to your query, so hopefully we can provide a response soon regarding that aspect of it.

  • Hi @Vinny Thank you for prompt response. I understand the current state of development of TDK Mezzanine on VOXL2. Noted. No further information needed. Thank you 🙂

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