Coordinate Systems using MAVROS

  • Hello,

    I have a ModalAI m500 and I have a question regarding the platform when using MAVROS and VIO. When the drone is booted and I check the local_position/pose topic from MAVROS, the orientation has an offset of 90º. Hence, when the drone moves forward, the y-axis (or east) is increasing. Ideally, I would like that both x-axes, (body and world frames) are aligned and that when the drone moves forward the x coordinate increases in the local_position/pose topic.

    Is there a possibility from your side to do so?

    The test conducted was using the roskinetic docker image you provide which includes MAVROS and I just spin up the node and check the rostopic. Moreover, all px4 parameters are set to your configuration files.

  • Dev Team

    This is how mavros behaves going from PX4 coordinate frame to ROS coordinate frame when viewed in RViz. We just supply examples of how to use mavros on our platform with open code for people to change and use as they see fit. If you have suggestions on how this code might be improved, we would happily accept a merge request.

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