Questions regarding the M500, Snapdragon/PX4 interfacing with other systems, and Suggested SD card for operations on the Snapdragon

  • Dev team,

    I have a time sensitive project my team and I have been working on. We are preparing to flight test our new software/hardware configuration of the M500 and wanted to ask the following questions.

    What is the suggested SD Card (size limits, brand, etc.) for the Snapdragon 821 (VOXL)?

    We need to send the M500's Hires video and x,y,z position data to the auxiliary computer, should we use the MPA for this?

    The aircraft is also receiving inputs from the auxiliary computer, the MPA is a two way system, correct (do you have any example code for this kind of capability)?

    Your response/help is appreciated,

  • Dev Team

    You can find the SD card details here:

    What is the auxiliary computer in this case? Do you mean the Snapdragon?

  • @Chad-Sweet Thanks for responding to my post. is 32 GB the limit of what the VOXL can take as far as SD card size is concerned? Also, by auxiliary computer I mean an FPGA that is interacting with the VOXL/PX4.

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