Can't connect to QGroundControl over wifi...

  • Hello I've tried all three different ways to connect to the internet but none of the ways allows me to connect to QGround without wire connection. I can ADB and wire connect but WIFI doesn't work. I had it working for just a little while but it doesn't want to connect anymore. I have updated the firmware to 1.13 from QGround via wire and uploaded the Parameters from the GitHub page. I would appreciate some guidance. Thank You.

  • Dev Team

    With the wired connection to QGC, can you run go to the MAVLink shell and run the following?

    mavlink status

    There should be a TELEM2 instance setup with baud 921600 to match that of VOXL-Flight.

    TEL2 (/dev/ttyS4, or UART5), maps to J1 on Flight Core, and internally routed in VOXL-Flight.

    Ensure these are setup, otherwise voxl-vision-px4 won't talk with Flight Core portion of the circuit.

    MAV_1_CONFIG 102
    MAV_1_MODE 2
    MAV_1_RATE 0
    SER_TEL2_BAUD 921600

    On the VOXL side, you can adb in, and run these command line:
    voxl-vision-px4 and voxl-mavlink-server in order to see status.

  • @modaltb said in Can't connect to QGroundControl over wifi...:

    mavlink status

    Here is the print out of the mavlink status, I see there is /dev/ttyS4 at 921600 baud rate. Is this what we need?
    I've checked the MAV and Serial configuration they are the same as you have provided.
    The connection to QGroundControl via Wi-Fi still doesn't want to connect.
    VOXL-VISION-PX4 printout:
    Screenshot from 2022-10-20 22-55-09.png
    Also, the Wi-Fi doesn't work anymore as well.... there is no WLAN0 showing up on VOXL anymore.
    Screenshot from 2022-10-20 23-06-04.png
    Sorry for the late reply, Ill be checking in more frequently now. I really need help setting this up so I can continue my thesis. Thank you for your help.

  • Dev Team

    If wlan0 isn't showing up, then the system isn't seeing the Wi-Fi hardware. I think I saw another forum topic around this as well, it seems to be possible HW/system image corruption perhaps? Without the wlan0 interface there's no WiFi to be had on VOXL1.

  • @modaltb
    What do you suggest I should do then?
    Do I need to flash the board? Or take it down a version?

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