Camera resolution getting degraded

  • Hi,

    I have been flying drone indoors in position mode and camera resolution is getting degraded after few seconds of flying. Before flight I had send the command for gain and exposure as 21 and 150 which was showing features clearly, also the qvio state was ok from voxl-inspect-qvio.

    Here is the link of voxl-portal during flight, which is showing tracking camera view.

    Even after having degraded image drone was able to come back to it's original position but after some time there was a significant drift (after disturbing the drone position) which might be due to qvio.

    How can I make sure video features during the flight will not become degraded and qvio works properly during flight?

    Before flight I had restarted voxl-camera-server, voxl-qvio-server and voxl-vision-px4. Also inspected qvio through voxl-inspect-qvio, camera in voxl-portal where all camera were showing features in video clearly, and the odometry value in QGC was non zero and matching with local position value.


  • Dev Team

    That degradation is voxl-portal reducing the resolution because its data link bandwidth is reduced. If you are using Wifi, can you try better wifi coverage or less interference?

    If you want unchanged video files for processing, try voxl-logger

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