voxl-wifi softap issues

  • Hey,
    i'm currently working on setting my voxl to softap mode. While doing that i encountered some issues that i wanted to let u know.

    Voxl: Voxl 1
    Voxl System Image: 3.8.0
    Voxl Suite: 0.7.0

    So when i'm trying to set the voxl into softap factory mode i'm getting the following error:

    voxl-wifi -f

    Seems like voxl-hwscan doesn't exist anymore in the new system-image ?

    Also when i tried editing the default password in:
    /usr/bin/voxl-wifi l. 5-7


    it will still use the standart password 1234567890. So i had a look at the hostapd.conf,
    and it seems like there also is a wpa_passphrase var at line 997 and a country code at line 99. Modifying voxl-wifi in line 54 to:

    function create_softap_conf_file () {
    	echo "editing ${hostapd_conf_file} for softap mode, ssid is: ${ssid}"
    	sed -i "/^ssid=/c\ssid=${ssid}" ${hostapd_conf_file}
    	sed -i "/^wpa_passphrase=/c\wpa_passphrase=${DEFAULT_PASS}" ${hostapd_conf_file}
    	sed -i "/^country_code=/c\country_code=${DEFAULT_COUNTRY_CODE}" ${hostapd_conf_file}
    	echo "creating new $conf_file for softap mode, ssid is: ${ssid}"
    	cat > ${conf_file} << EOF1

    seems to work. Maybe you could include that in future releases, or let me know if i did something nasty.

  • Also a list of country codes conforming the (ISO/IEC 3166-1) of the hostapd.conf:
    Could be put into the print_usage:

    echo "List of available Country Codes: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_ISO_3166_country_codes"

  • Dev Team

    This post is deleted!

  • Dev Team

    @Philemon-Benner This is where the voxl-wifi source code lives for VOXL1: https://gitlab.com/voxl-public/voxl-sdk/utilities/apq8096-system-tweaks/-/blob/dev/scripts/voxl-wifi

    Since you've already put in effort toward the resolution you could attempt to fork this repo, make your suggested tweaks and create a merge request so that the team could take a look!

    Otherwise it may take a little bit longer for the team to take a chance to look into the bug

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