Defence use of Sentinel 2

  • We are showing modalai at the largest formal aerospace conference in Africa.
    We have purchased a sentinel 2 dev kit and our coders are learning the code and commands. However, we don't think we will do your product justice in time for the conference.
    Is there anyway u can share a “wow” piece of code to showcase your product. For now we are planning to just use the figure 8 flight path modalai preprogrammed with purchase. But we both know this is very basic compared to what your drone can do. Any help would be appreciated.

    On another point; one of our coders messed up the calibration. The drone footage flashes with the light intensity fluctuating. Could you possibly send us a flash to get the unit back to original calibrated purchase from you.

  • Dev Team

    Hi Boyzie, maybe you could run the figure 8 with voxl-tflite-server?

    Can you please share the serial number of your drone? We can try to find the calibration files

    What light is flashing? Can you share a video?

    If the unit needs to be reflashed, you should install the system image and then perform camera calibration

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