Weather restrictions

  • What is the temperature for use? I flew at +5 Celsius - big problems with flight stability. Also interested in the issue of lighting. It was dusk and the drone began to fly inadequately.

  • Dev Team

    Hi @Anton-Gereles ,
    Can you please elaborate on your platform and specific problems you are having?
    I'm sure our Software team will want to know that to respond appropriately.

    That being said, our components and hardware elements are all at least rated for 0-70C, with many of them exceeding that. However, be mindful that is a non-condensing requirement.
    If you are operating in extremes (we have many customers that do), you need to be mindful of condensation risks. Rapid change in temp from a "room temp" building into an outdoor setting with high humidity and much colder temps (and especially vice versa) can create condensation.
    In these types of environments, you may need to provide some type of enclosure to protect the electronics against this build-up.
    Also, our products are not dust and particle ingress resistant as a default, again this would be something we leave our customers to define for their industrial/mechanical design requirements for an enclosure.
    Hope that helps and if you do provide more failure info, our SW team could respond.

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