J2 Fan Header Suggestion

  • Turn the fan header 90 degree. It's in the way of the mount hole. I've had to de-solder the header and solder our fans directly to the board.

  • Dev Team

    This is how we're doing it in our sentinel frame, it's a bit tight yes:

    We've captured the request!

  • Dev Team

    Just to clarify, we never wanted it to be like that (it was not a purposeful attribute of the design)
    In engineering design, we have constraints and trade-offs. This was unfortunately one of those cases where the constraints won, and we had to compromise. Given all else this PCB can do, I'd say it was a suitable trade-off.
    We cannot rotate that connector unless we grow the PCB. The Mechanical and Drone design team understood that, and we made the best of a non-ideal situation. When the fan cable is plugged in first, then we can easily screw in any hardware, without the need for any soldering but minding the cables to ensure they are not crimped/trapped beneath the screw head. This is in some way also a benefit since that connector is easily pulled out, so the hardware helps trap it in place providing some durability.

    Be careful with soldering since our warranties typically do not accommodate soldering.


  • @Vinny It's all good. They work fine with soldering. It's more of a pain getting the headers off than anything else. We do stuff like that all the time. I've done 6 or 7 of them already.

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