Looking to install voxl-suite v.0.8.0 for VOXL1

  • I'm looking to download and install voxl-suite v.0.8.0 for Voxl 1.
    On the download page https://developer.modalai.com/categories I found it only for Voxl 2.

    Could you please provide a link for the v.0.8.0 image on Voxl 1 ?

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    We're not planning to do a full tested release for sdk-0.8 on voxl1 since this release does not support the tof sensor. We're most of the way through a major refactor of the camera architecture and are finishing merging tof into the new system. If you're not using the TOF camera and would like to use some of the features in the release you can do so by running the following commands on a platform that had previously been flashed with 3.8.0-0.7:

    opkg remove apq8096-camera-server --force-depends
    voxl-configure-pkg-manager sdk-0.8
    opkg update
    opkg install voxl-suite

    Though keep in mind that 0.8 is BETA for voxl1 and we haven't conducted our full testing process on the release for voxl1.

  • @Alex-Gardner Thanks for your response. I'm not using the tof on this case, so I'll follow your instruction and give it a try.

  • @Alex-Gardner I installed the 0.8 on the voxl, and mow I'm trying to configure the voxl flight deck for a new drone, but it seems to not work at all. I chose the frame type and once applying the modification, the system restart as normal. Once restarted, it ask again to chose the frame type, it doesn't keep the previous settings.

    Have you any idea what can be?

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