Voxl-mapper able to build but missing symbol on the board

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    We were able to compile voxl-mapper on voxl-cross and deploy it on the voxl.

    When we try running voxl-mapper, on the voxl2, we get the error 'voxl-mapper: symbol lookup error: voxl-mapper: undefined symbol: _ZNK7voxblox5LayerINS_9EsdfVoxelEE10saveToFileENSt7__cxx1112basic_stringIcSt11char_traitsIcESaIcEEEb
    ' as seen in the image.

    How can this error be fixed?

  • @Nishkala,

    This looks like a version mismatch between the voxl-voxblox you built against and the version you have on your VOXL.

    To ensure the versions match, you need to install the build dependencies from the last release in voxl-cross before deploying to voxl. This can be done by running:

     ./install_build_deps.sh apq8096 sdk-0.8

    instead of

     ./install_build_deps.sh apq8096 stable

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