APMv3 Schematic?

  • We are very happy with the ModalAI APM function.

    Is there an open schematic available for its design? We would like to incorporate it directly into a carrier board with other components since we know it works well for our applications. Totally understand if not!


  • Dev Team

    Hi Steve,
    Thanks for the compliment of that design. It is not an open source design, but we are also willing to share with partners with some type of license that we can provide to you (over email, we should be able to contact you in the next day or so).
    Keep in mind, the parts on the power module are very (and I mean really very) hard to find and source.
    If you do not already have a reputable supply of them, you might be creating more problems than to just keep buying our modules. To give you an example, the main DC/DC switcher on there we have been getting new quotes at over $80-240 EACH PIECE for new builds... (it was an $8 part 3 years ago).
    So, something to keep in mind.
    I'm sure Chad will reach out to you soon to discuss further and I would be your POC for the actual design details should you move forward with that course.


  • Thanks Vinny -- we'll keep an eye out for the email!

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