VOXL1 PX4 connection issue

  • Today, I wasn't able to connect VOXL1 & QGC. First screenshot is from VOXL1:voxl-vision-px4. But I think It should shows like second screenshot. How can I connect my VOXL1 with the QGC again?


  • +) I think the flight core doesn't work anymore. There isn't any action when I connect this with QGC, MP with USB. And the part of flight core in the voxl1 is too high to touch it. Is it HW issue??

  • Dev Team

    @Gyeongmin-Kim if the board is too hot to touch, then that is an issue. Did anything change between now and ten days ago?
    Can you send a couple of close up, high-resolution photos of both sides of the board?

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